Hello and welcome

My name is Rafael Audy Glanzner and I am a happy Brazilian, traveller aficionado, gamer and geek. :) I own Porto IT, which is an awesome consultancy company. I am currently helping SKY to deliver some cool features for the NOW TV web solution.

I am passionate about the art of building quality software, especially when I am involved in those big, shiny and sexy web projects! I firmly believe in the values behind the agile methodologies, specially the continuous improvement part of it. Going to conferences, reading books, maintaining a blog and doing a masters are examples of how I try to apply continuous improovement to my craft and personal life.

In the last year I have been studiyng and working with the MEAN stack. I also have 10+ years of experience with the .NET stack and I am currently working with it in a “wanna be startup” pet project!

Spoiller alert!

This blog may contain awesome stuff about: AngularJS, React, Node.js, HTML 5, ASP.NET WebAPI, AWS, Linux, Agile “stuff”, NoSQL, cats, potatos, mummies and so on…

Contact me at rafael.audy@gmail.com

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