Angular 2 Preview

Hi all,

I gave a talk at Valtech explaining why Angular 2 and TypeScript might be the next cool kid on the block and how to get started. I made this post to share the resources I mentioned during the presentation that were not already on the slides.

Visit this github repo for the simple app and this one for the slightly more complex one. I added instructions on how to run them in the readme files.

You can check out the full talk bellow if you are interested.

I’ll add the video here as soon as it is available :)

Angular Connect Keynote

This presentation was great, it is a must watch. It gives an overview of the current state of Angular 1 and 2, the objectives of Angular 2 and much more. Also, a guy from the Meteor framework goes on stage to show a benchmark comparing Angular 2 to other frameworks.

AngularConnect keynote

You can also read my previous post about the state of Angular 1 and 2.

Hands-on introduction to Angular 2

Getting started in Angular 2

You can also read my previous post about how to create your first Angular 2 and TypeScript app.

Two great talks about TypeScript with Angular 2

TypeScript tooling for greater productivity

What's new in TypeScript

Support for Angular 2 and the migration path to Angular 2

Angular 1 5 and beyond

Thank you for watching and see you later! Leave your feedback on the box bellow :)

Cheers :)

Written on November 7, 2015 By Rafael Audy Glanzner